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The new Globe homepage is your gateway to the best in Canadian journalism. Here you can find the latest in news and opinion; expanded business, investing and markets coverage; investigations and special projects; plus culture, reviews and weekend features presented in an organized and dynamic layout. 

A modular, reader-friendly interface built for browsing and scanning 

The wider page experience allows us to put more information on screen for you to scan and select. It’s your snapshot of the important stories and events of the day, as they happen. Our new layout expands to fit all device sizes, limiting wasted space.

Clear section navigation with multiple access points 

Sections are shown in the top navigation bar; a section list (at the bottom of the page); and on the site menu on the top left (symbolized by three stacked horizontal lines). The full site, including archived stories, stocks and authors, can be accessed in an easy-to-use search tool. 

Prominence has been given to the sections that attract the most readers like news, business and investing. Some of the main changes you will notice in our navigation include:

Canada, World and Politics: Our award-winning national, foreign and politics coverage has expanded into top-level menu items, making it easier to find our best journalism each day.

Technology: Report on Business now includes the Technology section. Here you will find stories relating to science, telecom, innovation and financial tech.

Retirement now resides under the Personal Finance menu of Investing for the best of financial planning tools and investment advice.

Main stories

The most important stories of the day are listed under topics in an easy-to-navigate format at the top of the page. For further reading and context, these expanded stacks include related stories, opinion, analysis, and links to videos and galleries. 

Top stories list

A list of more top stories on the left of the homepage allows readers to dive deeper into the latest headlines and further coverage. 

Editorial highlights: The Globe’s prized features, investigations, special projects and magazine cover stories can be found throughout the experience in striking panels and call-outs. With added emphasis, the best of our journalism is now easier to find. 

Briefing and Markets bar: Real-time market data, opinion stories and daily briefings, including Michael Babad’s Business Briefing, are highlighted at the top of the homepage. 

An expanded Business and Investing section

Scan top business and investing stories in this expanded block. Here you will find key insights on the economy, resources, international markets, technology and telecom, and personal finance. Search stocks, equities and ETFs, and link to your Watchlist and Portfolio in the search panel.

Puzzles & Horoscopes

Your horoscopes, favourite crosswords and puzzles can be found through direct links on our new homepage, or through the site search bar. The Horoscope page can always be found in Globe Life. 


Your favourite columnists are highlighted on the homepage next to the top stories of the day. Over the coming months, we will emphasize our writers across the site to make your favourite personalities easier to find. 

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