Better delivery of content. Informed by our audience

Our audience-first design experience

Reader feedback is the driving force behind the work in our UX Lab at The Globe and Mail. We use a test-and-learn methodology, anchored in design thinking. We use this method for planning and prototyping, coupled with ongoing reader and subscriber interviews in our innovation lab. This ensures we deliver the best of our journalism in a format designed by the audience.

Feedback Fridays

Every week, we bring readers to our innovation lab and ask direct questions about their Globe digital experience. With their suggestions, we’re able to make valuable site improvements.

  • Research type: Qualitative
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Purpose: Looking to answer specific questions about motivations and usability. Gain empathy and insights we can’t get by surveys or site testing

A/B Testing

See anything different? By showing new prototypes to a small percentage of site visitors at a time, we figure out what works and what doesn’t. With positive metrics, audience data, and reader feedback, we know we’re headed in the right direction.

  • Research type: Quantitative
  • Frequency: Ongoing
  • Purpose: Looking to answer specific questions about usage and engagement, gaining insights into user behaviours in a live setting

A culture of experimentation and testing is established through a three-step approach:

1. Research & Prototype

Early prototypes are built based on research and UX goals. These allow us to test a simple representation of the idea in front of a percentage of the audience on the website.

2. Measure & Learn

From there, we gain insights and data on user behaviour to determine if our hypotheses are successful. If not, we use our findings
to inform future pursuits. No exercise is wasted.

3. ’Green Light’ & Build

If the desired result is achieved, the idea moves into the development phase. We deploy the new feature on the site and refine designs from there. The cycle continues for the next new feature.

Ongoing improvements & enhancements

Through testing and experimentation, our greatest strength is flexibility. We're able to add and remove components based on reader suggestions and test results. We can now adapt to reader habits and preferences faster by replacing larger redesigns with smaller, more frequent updates.

If you have any feedback or thoughts you'd like to share, please reach out.

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