We have streamlined our online categories based on reader habits. All sections are ever-available in the hamburger menu, and we will continue to test and design the presentation of sections based on reader feedback.

New is first

Throughout the site, you will notice that latest stories are highlighted. By presenting stories in reverse-chronological order, the most pertinent news of the day rises to the top. With time stamps, readers know exactly when stories were published or updated.

Dedicated to Subscribers

Clearly defined premium content, labelled by a key icon, differentiates subscriber-only content for the reader. We’ve marked stories as “subscriber only” so that premium users can see the value of their membership.

Improved financial data & tools

We have made improvements to the readability of data tables and graphs. Financial data is now easy to access on a smartphone while preserving the density of information that our desktop readers asked for. Enhancements to our Investing and Markets section will be ongoing in the coming months.

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