Great journalism is the heart of The Globe and Mail. So then what makes a great online reading experience? That has been our guiding question throughout our design evolution. Below are some of the enhancements we’ve made so far.

Accessibility Guidelines

To adhere to the WCAG’s usability guidelines, we have combed through the fonts and colours of our stories and made the necessary adjustments. Our signature serif typeface, Pratt, is now larger in articles and headlines to maximize clarity and readability.


We have moved away from a colour-coded website (section = colour) to a unified palette that is inspired by our Globe Red. Using a set of greys and stones, we have created depth and cohesion. Tint stacks and an analogous colour scheme are employed in our charts and for highlighting special editorial stories.


We are continually looking at how our readers interact with a story. From that we have made adjustments on how an article is labelled, shared and commented on. The user can also modify the font size. Author links and bios have been embellished to improve access to their bios and build reader trust.

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