An improved news app for the avid Globe reader

Through a partnership with The Washington Post, The Globe is transforming our digital suite of products with further updates and improvements to our iOS and Android apps. Reader feedback and audience insight has been central to this evolution with three guiding principles in mind:

1. To deliver both speed and stability through proven technology.
2. To provide subscribers with full access to all Globe and Mail articles and sections.
3. To continue to evolve the digital experience in response to reader feedback.

Pre-launch testing showed significant improvements in terms of speed and reliability. In addition, Globe and Mail app users will enjoy:

  • Access to all Globe and Mail sections and articles, including subscriber-only features with a digital subscription
  • A new home section that features the day’s latest news and top stories.
  • Adjustable font sizes for a more comfortable reading experience. .
  • The ability to save stories for offline reading when you can’t access data.
  • Alerts to help you stay on top of breaking news.
  • In-app purchases. A digital subscription gives readers access to all Globe content, including subscriber-only features, both in app and on

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